EERMEnergy and Environmental Risk Management (course)
EERMExtended Entity Relationship Model
EERMEuropean Exchange Rate Mechanism
EERMElectrical Engineering Reference Manual
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While it is no surprise that the C-suite and board are seeing more clearly the importance of developing a mature EERM program, the path to program maturity can still be challenging.
Over 2014-16, ENOC invested around AED34.8 million (US$9.5 million) towards implementing EERM initiatives through which we achieved a cumulative savings of AED28 million (US$7.6 million).
EERM and KERM are the enablement of operational ERM by e-business technologies and knowledge-based systems, respectively.
The question that our politicians should now be thinking about is - if we, as a nation, have any and all of this constitution foisted upon us, by backdoor methods, will we be tying Britain's progressive economy into a disaster that will have a far greater fall-out than the EERM?
The results of Steps 1 and 2 are the Logical SOM and EERM diagrams shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.