EERSEnergy Efficiency Resource Standard
EERSEmissions and Energy Reporting System (Australia)
EERSEstudios Economicos Regionales y Sectoriales (Spanish: Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies)
EERSEnergy Efficient Responsive Sleeping (mobile technology)
EERSEastern Evaluation Research Society
EERSEnlisted Evaluation Reporting System (US DoD)
EERSEconomic Evaluation of a Residue System (kiln drying method)
EERSElite Environmental Restoration Services, Inc. (Macon, GA)
EERSEssential Elements of Religious Service
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It was a bad winter; and, of course, these mountain- eers do get fits of home sickness; and a state of de- pression would make him vulnerable.
The information on the EER can be referenced on this link:
In August 2016, the NH Public Utilities Commission established an EERS for its electric and gas utilities, setting a long-term goal of achieving all cost-effective energy-efficiency savings.
As the boards will see a handful of your EERs, they want to see improvement over time.
Methods: Rats with coronary artery ligation (CAL) were randomly assigned to 5 groups: CAL model; CAL plus 40 mg/kg captopril; CAL plus 60 mg/kg, 120 mg/kg, 240 mg/kg EERS. Sham operation rats were randomly assigned to 2 groups, sham-operated control and sham-operated plus 120 mg/kg EERS.
Hy het die eer gehad om onder leiding van die bekende Professor Pendergrass in Philadelphia as radioloog te kwalifiseer.
EERs. More price-sensitive units at 5,000, 6,000 and 8,000 BTUs come with electronic remote controls.
The process is grueling but is almost universally seen as producing excellent results, based on the information available through EERs.
Note the single-capacity heat pump EERs are 8% to 13% higher when compared under full-load conditions.
Since 1990, minimum EERs spanned from 8.0 to one category at 9.0.
BTUs and EERs have been increased whenever possible across the board, he said: A 17,500 grows to 18,000; a 24,000 to 25,000.
Raters should be wary of attempts at humor or cute turns of phrase in EERs. Unless a word or phrase is universally understood, it should perhaps be avoided.