EESCEuropean Economic and Social Committee
EESCEscola de Engenharia de São Carlos (Portugese: Engineering School of São Carlos)
EESCEuropees Economisch en Sociaal Comité (Dutch: European Economic and Social Committee; EU)
EESCEnergy-Efficient Server Cluster
EESCÉcole Européenne de Sophrologie et de Communication (French: European School of Communication and Sophrology)
EESCEquivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorine (also seen as EEASC)
EESCEarth Energy Society of Canada (est. 1985)
EESCExtended Enterprise Supply Chain
EESCEntretien et Services Chantiers (French: Maintenance and Building Services)
EESCEarth & Environmental Sciences Center
EESCEssential Element & Support Controllers
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Release date- 29082019 - The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is inviting civil society organisations and individuals across the European Union to apply for its flagship Civil Society Prize.
The EESC said that it believes that the CCCTB, which aims at reducing differences in the tax systems of European Union member states and so reduce the use of aggressive tax planning by multinational companies, which in turn reduces member states' tax revenue, "could generate benefits for companies, citizens and member states, if it delivers simplicity and certainty of corporate taxation on the one hand, and reduces tax barriers and complexity on the other," the body, comprised of civil society representatives, said in an emailed statement.
Ahead of the next round of talks in Brussels on July 14-18, the EESC adopted its position on the potential deal earlier this month.
The text, seen by Europolitics, to be signed by Presidents Henri Malosse (EESC), Ramon Luis Valcarcel Siso (CoR) and Martin Schulz (EP), has the insignificant appearance of a catalogue of "administrative cooperation" in five sectors: personnel, access to buildings (with the sharing of security services and the symbolic re-opening of the tunnel that runs under the Bavarian Representation to connect the Paul-Henri Spaak and Jacques Delors buildings), availability of meeting rooms and interpretation services, IT services and canteens (mutual access).
The President of the EESC, Henri Malosse revealed that this is one of the elements envisioned in the strategy for a "social Europe".
Last September, the EC released a communication on "unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe." While the EESC agrees with the EC's intent, it contends the EC's approach does not go far enough in helping the EU realize that potential.
The EESC adopted, at its 14 November plenary, an opinion in support of the European Commission's strategy to encourage online publication of all public tenders by 2016.
Unfortunately, we cannot foresee all extreme events", said Staffan Nilsson, EESC president.
At a news conference held Thursday in Tunis, Mr, Boyle said that the EESC delegation is on a three-day mission in Tunisia to "express our support and solidarity with the new order prevailing in the country."
The EESC presses the EU to draw up a single list of tax havens based on the same criteria for all countries.
Let's speak sustainable construction!', pp 155, European Economic and Social Committee, 2011, free, available at the EESC, rue Belliard 99, 1040 Brussels -