EESHEnergy, Environment, Safety, Health (LG Corp.)
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"Our Energy, Environment, Safety & Health (EESH) team supports our customers' objectives, builds community confidence, promotes employee health and well-being, and helps us to achieve our business goals.
Reprint requests: Dr Eesh Bhatia, Department of Endocrinology, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences
The Hebrew word for "human being" (eesh) and for "fire" (aysh) come from the same etymological root.
(Although, Time advises moms to have these convos in the minivan so "you won't have to look at each other when it's time to talk about pubic hair." Eesh. But whatever gets ya through it).
"Eesh Beshoa'ak" (Live as You Please) is the name Hosny chose for his new album that is widely anticipated by his fans for over two years now.
Sherine's close friend, Moroccan superstar Samira Said, posted an adorable Instagram video of Hana singing "Hawa Hawa" from her latest album "Ayza Eesh" (I Want to Live).
The first video is about abortion and the song is titled "Ya Umi Khalini Eesh" (Mother please let me live), and the second song titled "Mabrook Alaiki" (Believe the Story), which she recently released on the radio station 'Melody FM'.