EESISEdusave Entrance Scholarships for Independent Schools (government fund; Singapore)
EESISEarly Education Student Information System (Los Angeles Unified School District Budget; Los Angeles, CA)
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The Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (IS?IS) instrument, pronounced "eesis" has the symbol for the Sun incorporated into its acronym.
In ADJeHPRTW the four erroneous opinions and their resulting heretical and sinful behavior described in chapters 9 to 12 are announced as "fowre maner sektis," whereas the other manuscripts describe them as "foure maner sikenessis" (130/2-3), a choice of word still deriving from the preceding descriptions, in chapters 7 and 8, of the dropsy and the four fevers befalling those who "vnskillfulli and vnresonabli bien enclyned to lustes and eesis of [??]e bodi" (126/7-8).