EESRÉtat de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (French: State of Higher Education and Research)
EESRExtended European Search Report (patent application)
EESREvaluation Environnementale et Sociale Régionale (French: Regional Environmental and Social Assessment; various locations)
EESREconomic Empowerment in Strategic Regions (US State Department program)
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The administration of EESR before exposure to gamma irradiation significantly limits the elevation in serum TNF-a, IL-1b and IL-6 levels compared to irradiated group.
Pretreatment with EESR prior to gamma irradiation was found to significantly ameliorate these radiation-induced changes.
Administration of EESR prior to gamma irradiation of rats restored the reduced CAT and SOD activity while it decreased the MDA level compared to irradiated group.
The amelioration observed in the level of inflammatory factors in the EESR-irradiated group suggested that EESR could have potent anti-inflammatory activities.
The treatment of rats with EESR prior to gamma irradiation ameliorated the activity of serum CPK, LDH, as well as the level of total cholesterol, LDL-C, HDL-C, cTnI and (CK-MB).
Such results indicated the cardio-protective role of EESR as antioxidant agent (Vijayabaskaran et al.
There are four main domains and a number of subareas in the EESR framework.
The EESR framework provides domains for both teacher educators and novice language teachers to consider when preparing for teaching and when examining the level of effectiveness of classroom delivery for maximising language learning outcomes.