EESSElectrical Equipment Safety System (Australia)
EESSEarth Exploration Satellite Service
EESSExigences Essentielles de Sécurité et de Santé (French: Essential Safety and Health Requirements)
EESSEnvironmental Engineering Student Society (Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI)
EESSExtremidades Superiores (Spanish: Arms)
EESSEaton Electrical Services & Systems (Cleveland, OH)
EESSEarth Environmental Sensor Systems
EESSEnvironmental and Earth System Science
EESSEvaporative Emission Shed System
EESSEnd-to-End Software Simulator
EESSEarth Electrode Subsystem
EESSELT (English Language Training) Elementary and Secondary School (Cambodia)
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The school announced its closure in June 2018, citing 'financial constraints', and Monday marked the last working day for the EESS staff and students.
Parents later told Gulf News that they face the difficult choice of moving their children to another school or continuing with EESS in its final year.
This study has proposed a model for evaluating e-learning systems success (EESS) encompassing a collective set of measures associated with e-learning systems.
Anterior al EESS (Diplomatura en CC Empresariales) 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Tasa de 40,52% 49,45% 52,60% presentados Tasa de 20,36% 31,25% 31,40% rendimiento Tasa de exito 50,25% 63,20% 59,70% Fuente: elaboracion propia.
The main differential diagnosis for EESS when arising from bowel is some other mesenchymal tumor, especially gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).
Due to its capacity to improve the overall dynamical performance and smooth the energy generated by the power supply, the EESS have application in power systems with high penetration of renewables [7].
After air-drying and grinding, 30 g of Ss was subjected to extraction with 15-fold distilled water (1: 15, w/v) or 10-fold 100% ethanol (1: 10, w/v) for 12 h in a shaking incubator (E105, Misung Scientific Co., Seoul, Korea) at 60[degrees]C and filtered (Filter paper number 1, Whatman Schleicher and Schuell, NH, USA); then, the extracts were lyophilized using a freeze dryer (Ilshin Biobase, Pocheon, Korea) to obtain aqueous extract (AeSs) and ethanolic extract of Ss (EeSs).
Las embarazadas participantes de ambos EESS dijeron que el beneficio del consumo de AOA era principalmente para el bebe, es decir primo el sentido de proteccion a su hijo(a) sobre el propio; y es que el rol potencial de la dieta materna sobre el desarrollo fetal es crucial para el futuro del bebe (28); eso es algo que hay que recalcar cuando se trata de nutricion materno infantil, pero tambien hay que aclarar que la nutricion de la gestante como mujer es importante para que tenga en cuenta su autocuidado.
Mientras que, las variables dependientes fueron el rendimiento muscular de extremidades superiores (EESS) e inferiores (EEII), balance, estabilidad y flexibilidad.
--A primary allocation in the band 7190-7250 MHz to Earth-exploration satellite service (EESS) was agreed with several conditions to safeguard the fixed service.
Validacion de la encuesta estudiantil sobre la salud sexual (EESS).
The overall ratings from the AAOP state-of-the-science evidence report guidelines and from the Methodology Checklist 1 were used in assigning confidence to the developed empirical evidence statements (EESs) described in following section.