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EETAElectrical and Electronics Technical Association (Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute; India)
EETAEthologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
EETAEnergy Efficiency Training Academy (Oroville, CA)
EETAElectronic Engineering Times - Asia
EETAEuropean Embryo Transfer Association
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(9) Feras bramiam e agitavam a cauda quando a carruagem conduzida por Artemis se aproximava, da mesma forma que os habitantes de Ea desviavam o rosto, evitando contemplar os olhos da filha de Eeta. A reacao pode ser interpretada como uma especie de reverencia ante a divindade que se aproxima, contudo, no caso de Medeia, ha tambem o temor provocado pelos poderes magicos presentes em seu olhar (cf.
Prominently, EETA treatment of mice on a HF diet increased (p < 0.05) the expression levels of both Mfn1 and Mfn2 as compared to HF diet fed mice (Figures 3(d) and 3(e)).
said in his book on the five EETA awardees, which was launched on Thursday.
Now on its third year, the EETA seeks to recognize the innovative efforts of schools in transforming themselves into institutions that promote learning effectiveness and school efficiency while being true to their vision, mission and values.
The spectra revealed striking mineralogical similarities to two Martian meteorites found on Earth, particularly EETA 79001, which was picked up in Antarctica in 1979.
Staying in the house (cool and airy and very comfortable), and looking after me, are a young couple named Ira and Ucok (Eeta and Oochock, vowels are long) who are expecting their first baby.
In Yoruba, "three houses" is translated as ile meta, ile meaning house; "the third house" is ile keta, but the number 3 as a nominal is eeta. In English, we can distinguish multidigit nominals by saying each digit one by one - phone 8-2-5-1-3-2-8, instead of 8,251,328 - but even so, we sometimes repeat the number as eight-twenty-five, thirteen, twenty-eight.
In their analysis of a 5-milligram sample of the roughly 8-kilogram, football-sized meteorite designated EETA 79001 -- which many scientists suspect originated on Mars -- the researchers found two distinct reservoirs of carbon-containing material.
The second top scorer is Iram Fatima with 90% marks and the third topper is Eeta Jain with 89 % marks.
In view of the complaints of corruption and nepotism in recruitments of constables and clerks in police department, the board decided that henceforth all recruitments in police at the level of constables and clerks will be conducted through EETA and NTS (National Testing Services).