EETAPEnvironmental Education & Training Partnership
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The Websites with different scopes are targeted to usability evaluation such as library websites (The EETAP Resource Library, 1999; Ebenzer, 2001), egovernment websites (Abanumy, Al-Badi, & Mayhew, 2005), and universities' websites (Thompson, Hourcle, & Ma, 2005).
Ginger Potter, senior education specialist at the Office of Environmental Education, explains that the EETAP, which is funded through the EPA, is responsible for the development of standards for environmental education, including guidelines of excellence for materials, programs, and projects; learner outcomes; in-service teacher training; and nonformal education.
Additional funding and support for this project has been received from the Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP), Northern Illinois University, and the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation.