EETCEstimated Effort to Complete (IBM)
EETCEgyptian Electricity Transmission Company (Giza, Egypt)
EETCEnhanced Equipment Trust Certificate
EETCEnniscorthy Enterprise and Technology Centre (Ireland)
EETCEarly Education and Technology for Children (annual conference)
EETCEquipment and Engine Training Council, Inc.
EETCEnergy and Environment Technology Center
EETCEarly Education and Training Centre (Hong Kong)
EETCEnergy & Environmental Technologies Conference
EETCElectronic Engineering Times - China
EETCEnergy Efficient Topology Control
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The sources added that EETC will purchase the energy produced from the station and transfer them to distribution points for 20 years, as per the agreement.
Mohammed Mohaisen, president and CEO of GE gas power systems in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, said, "The Gabal El Zayt wind farm is considered one of the largest across the region, underscoring the significance of this project to both EETC and GE.
Mohammed Mohaisen, President & CEO of GE Powers Grid Solutions business in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey said, We are delighted to contribute towards Egypts target to upgrade its national electricity grid and proud to collaborate with the Ministry of Electricity and EETC to bring our latest technologies and solutions to address these needs.
This is a unique and landmark arrangement and a very positive start for EETC in this first phase of its renewable energy commercialisation programme.
The EETC will act to ensure that supply and demand of electricity are kept in equilibrium, creating a balancing energy market.
The EETC is intended to be a showcase for sustainable technologies in buildings and so, thanks to its smart eco-friendly design and high performance insulation, a network of low-energy ground-source heat pumps will provide heating.
The sources noted that the EETC contracted with the alliance to purchase the produced energy at 3.
According to sources with the Ministry of Electricity, eight solar firms have completed the financial closure of the projects of solar power with a total capacity of 400 MW and 50 MW per project, and will soon file documents with the EETC.
This is why the EETC has been redefining the conventional approaches to upgrade the grid infrastructure across the country.
The Request for Pre-Qualification (RfPQ) may be obtained from EETC as of Sunday, 23 August 2015 for EUR 2,000 ($2,227) to be paid in cash or by cheque.