EETGEmerging Energy Technology Grant (Alaska)
EETGEntreprise Électricité Travaux Guadeloupe (French: Guadeloupe Electricity Construction Company)
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The Member States may favour an international solution, but they think it is fanciful to believe such a global taxation system could be created in the near future.EeTG.In a policy position published on May 31, the European e-business Tax Group lobby (EeTG), whose members include ABB, Cisco, Deutsche Post, DHL, Ericsson, France Telecom, KPN, Microsoft, IBM, Microsoft and Siemens) calls for the Directive to be adopted soon.
Richard Misyn, ed Ralph Harvey, EETG 106 (London: Paul, Trench, Trubner, & Co., 1896), 40.
However, EeTG claims that the Commission and Member States need to clarify the invoicing requirements and unless the directive is amended the hoped-for cost savings will not be realised in Europe.