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EEVElectronic Expansion Valve
EEVEnhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
EEVEuropean Embedded Value (EU insurance calculation standardization)
EEVEquine Encephalitis Virus
EEVEnglish Electric Valve
EEVEnhanced Environmentally Vehicle
EEVEntretien Espaces Verts (French: Green Spaces Maintenance)
EEVEnergy Efficiency Verification (Canadian Standards Association)
EEVE-Energy Ventures Inc (stock symbol)
EEVEmergency Escape Vehicle (US NASA)
EEVElectronic Employment Verification
EEVEastern Equine Virus
EEVEspace Équestre du Velay (French equestrian group)
EEVEntreprise en Vie (French: Enterprise Life)
EEVExa Electron Volt
EEVEtablissement d'Enseignement Virtuel (French: Virtual Education Institution)
EEVElectronically Enhanced Vision
EEVEstimation Error Variance
EEVElectronic Engine Valve
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bolitinos, have been implicated as EEV vectors (1).
If the more advanced sensor is again estimated with a cost adder of $4 US and additional components like cables and a gateway between the compressor and the EEV controller are estimated at $150 US, the ROI is significantly below one year.
Evaporator superheat is regulated using an EEV with electronic feedback, or a TEV.
For [E.sub.[tau]] = 10EeV, [P.sub.3]([tau])0 [approximately equal to] 0.99 and, for [E.sub.[]tau] = 1 EeV, [P.sub.3]([tau]) [approximately equal to] 0.93 after 2.3 km in "standard rock," that is, in the extreme case where r's are produced just after entering the volcano.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Noise Estimation task to determine emotionally enhanced vividness (EEV).
If in addition [V.sub.y] (y + EOP, q([Delta] [degrees], s)) is state-independent, then EOP [is less than or equal to] EEV. Theorem 2.
Initial designs indicated that there was insufficient cooling available in the design for very-high-altitude operation, so the two TWT suppliers for the program -- Litton and EEV -- resubmitted units for testing that, according to company sources, were compliant through the full temperature range required under the program.
The Association recently attended the Australian International Airshow -- with members such as EEV and Aaxico in attendance -- and will be at Inter Airport Europe in Munich later in the year as well as the Singapore show.
An Enhanced Educator Version (EEV) of this new reading title will be introduced later this year.
He has worked with EEV. Litton and CPI in developing vacuum tubes for radar and communications systems.