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EEWErndtebrücker Eisenwerk (German pipe manufacturer)
EEWEarthquake Early Warning
EEWEuropean Evidence Warrant (EU)
EEWEpoxide Equivalent Weight (epoxy resins)
EEWEnniscorthy Electrical Wholesale (Ireland)
EEWEnergized Electrical Work (Intel)
EEWNeenah, Wisconsin
EEWElementary Edge Wave
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Yard managing director Ray Taviner, said, Its a fantastic achievement for EEW OSB to reach this milestone in such a short period of time and we hope to continue in the future, building on the excellent work already achieved.
Bladt Industries, which already holds a contract to supply 96 transition pieces (56 of which will be made at EEW OSB), will now provide a further 28.
Increasing lignin content would result in the number of epoxy groups in epoxy compound reducing and that lead the EEW of lignin-based epoxy resins to increase.
The EEW is coordinated by the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources and brings together a range of environmental NGOs and industry associations.
When they were run by EEW, PowerMILL fully justified the confidence placed in the software's ability to calculate the residual material model and to undertake collision checking of the milling machine.
The Bladt Industries and EEW SPC joint venture had been in talks with the firm throughout this period and the administrators continued negotiations before securing a deal in November - including a PS100,000 deposit.
The EEW value of the epoxy compound was determined with the following equation:
Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd is the result of a partnership between Denmark's Bladt Industries and Germany's EEW SPC, which bought the assets of TAG after it closed and went into administration.
Denmark's Bladt Industries and Germany's EEW SPC will launch a joint venture to manufacture steel structures for the offshore industry.
The meeting was attended by Riyadh Al Rabiah from Saudi Steel Pipe Company (chairman of the board), Christoph Schorge from EEW -- Germany (vice chairman), Ahmed Al Khonaini (managing director), Kurt Reichow from EEW -- Germany (board member) and Khalid Al Hamdan from Pan Gulf Holding Company (board member).
According to the Hague Programme (the EU's 2005-2010 overall work programme in the area of Justice and Home Affairs), a framework decision on the EEW should have been adopted by the Council by the end of 2005.