EEWGEnergy Efficiency Working Group (various locations)
EEWGEnvironmental Economics Working Group
EEWGEgyptian Echocardiography Working Group (professional organization; Alexandria, Egypt)
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Our analysis identified 3 themes among EEWG members relevant to writing centers hosting these kinds of groups.
The EEWG structure also positioned writing days as a regularly scheduled public commitment similar to a meeting or class.
The expressed goals of the EEWG community were to help one another make progress on writing projects (and eventually graduate), to become better writers, and to produce better final products.
The opportunities for both feedback and emotional honesty about writing practices helped build the EEWG into a community of practice (CoP).
Structurally, interviewees described prioritizing the EEWG sessions, attending consistently, arriving on time, bringing realistic yet challenging goals, and checking up on anyone who missed a session.
Structure and community represent the two half arches, independently important to each EEWG member.
Several students noted that EEWG sessions conflicted with other meetings, classes, etc.
Several students cited not being far enough along in their program to necessitate EEWG participation, especially given the length of a session.