EEWSEarthquake Early Warning System (various nations)
EEWSEastern Exterior Wall Systems, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
EEWSEducation Early Warning System (Innovative Management Concepts, Inc.)
EEWSEthiopian Early Warning System
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The epoxide equivalent weight (EEW) of LCER is 196.2g [eq.sup.-1].
d, aromatic), 7.69 (2H, d, =CH-): MS: m/ z: 379 [M+1]; EEW = 196.2g [eq.sup.-1].
The EEWS graduate school founded in March 2009 aims to secure sustainable energy, which is the fusion of basic science technology with engineering technology.
EEWS monitors ground motion in real time to detect the presence of P-wave signatures of a remote strong earthquake.
The output of the EEWS is a binary signal reporting the absence or presence of a precursor of the strong ground motion associated with the S-waves.
Since shutting down the processes is usually associated with high costs, the EEWS is required to be highly reliable and not prone to false alarms.
Diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A (DGEBA, epoxy equivalent weight, EEW 196) was obtained from Wuxi Resin Factory, China, with a commercial code of E51.
Further structural confirmation was made by means of the EEW titration.
Instrumental analysis on EP-SSQ hybrid resins: Epoxy equivalent weight (EEW) = 268; softening point: 37[degrees]C; FTIR (KBr, [cm.sup.-1]): 1323 (Si-O-[CH.sub.2]-), 1110 (Si-O-Si), 915 (oxirane ring), 2930, 2856 ([CH.sub.2]-).
The EEW values of the EP-SDOH hybrid resins are listed in Table 1 and the difference in EEW values could also explain the reaction between oxirane group and Si-OH.
The softening points of EP-SDOH hybrid resins were measurable and increased with SDOH content increasing, since high feeding of SDOH resulted in hybrid resins with high molecular weights, i.e., high EEW values.