EEZExclusive Economic Zone (aka Economic Exclusion Zone)
EEZEiropas Ekonomikas Zonas (Latvian: European Economic Area)
EEZEnhanced Enterprise Zone (Missouri)
EEZExtended Economic Zone (various nations)
EEZEuropska Ekonomska Zajednica (Croatian: European Economic Community)
EEZEconomic Empowerment Zone
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The Labour Party is calling for negotiations to re-commence, so the island can be united again and all Cypriots are able to share in the economic potential of the EEZ," it adds.
Sovereign right is attributed through authority of law, or in the case of the EEZ, the Unclos.
Furthermore, on September 6,Exxon Mobil, licensed for block 10, will hold a press conference in Nicosia on its international energy prospects and the company's exploration schedule in Cyprus ' EEZ.
An EEZ is a concept adopted at the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (1982) whereby a coastal State assumes jurisdiction over the exploration and exploitation of marine resources within 200 miles from its shore.
This definition made a clear distinction between territorial sea and EEZ, wherein while the former conferred full sovereignty over waters adjoining its coast up to twelve nautical miles limit, the later conferred 'sovereign rights' below the surface of the sea.
Pakistan Navy in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made concerted efforts to exclude Pakistan's EEZ from HRA.
It explained that the EEZ boundary line defines the limits of the sea space in the southern Philippines thereby giving fishermen from both countries and other stakeholders a clear extent of the area where they can exercise sovereign rights over the waters as provided for by national laws and treaties.
Mr McCully admitted that the breach of New Zealand's EEZ had no legal implication to Japan, it was still viewed as a clear sign of disrespect.
Since the EEZ allows member states to assert their rights, it also obliges them to respect the law and better control maritime space.
The issue of whether China has a right under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to regulate foreign military activities in its EEZ is related to, but ultimately separate from, the issue of maritime territorial disputes in the SCS and ECS.
The ship effectively sanitised far-flung sea areas of the Mauritian EEZ, beyond the reach of Mauritian surveillance assets.
China responded that Impeccable's presence in China's claimed EEZ had been in violation of Chinese domestic law and international law.