EEZExclusive Economic Zone (aka Economic Exclusion Zone)
EEZEiropas Ekonomikas Zonas (Latvian: European Economic Area)
EEZEnhanced Enterprise Zone (Missouri)
EEZExtended Economic Zone (various nations)
EEZEuropska Ekonomska Zajednica (Croatian: European Economic Community)
EEZEconomic Empowerment Zone
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* the impact of maritime territorial and EEZ disputes involving China on the overall debate on whether the United States should become a party to UNCLOS;
Based on formal requests from the Mauritian Government, the Indian Navy deployed INS Savitri with a Chetak helicopter and Marine Commandos, for EEZ Surveillance of Mauritius starting from early December 2009.
The EEZ also provides the legal framework for the SADR's offshore licensing regime, which is currently receiving international bids for offshore oil and gas exploration activities.
The two sides also agreed the demarcation of EEZ should be done through an agreement based on international laws, the ministry said.
- the coastal state's jurisdiction on all natural resources (fishing and others) within an exclusive economic zone (EEZ - 200 nautic miles in general and in particular for Madagascar)
In the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in water depths of 70-1000 m: in the Atlantic from the northern extent of the EEZ boundary off New England, south to offshore Cape Hatteras, North Carolina at 35[degrees]N; in the Gulf of Mexico from offshore the Florida Panhandle east of Desoto Canyon at 86.5[degrees]W west to the area of Mississippi Canyon at 90.5[degrees]W.
in violation of the EEZ fisheries law, the Izuhara Coast Guard Office said.
Already used for 10 years by more than 5,000 otolaryngologists, hospitals, and clinics, the Breathe with EEZ is nearly invisible, reusable, and more efficacious than any "Band-Aid" fix.
It also repeatedly protested several service concessions granted by the Philippines to several companies to explore the presence of gas and oil in our EEZ, thereby effectively stopping them from their explorations.
The agreement is expected to benefit both countries, economically and politically, by promoting more bilateral cooperation in the EEZ in order to advance the common interest of managing and preserving the resources in the EEZ and further strengthening maritime security cooperation between the two countries.
The Philippines and Indonesia have overlappoing EEZs in the Mindanao Sea and Celebes Sea, as well as in the southern part of the Philippine Sea in the Pacific Ocean.
According to the press release, Christodoulides who is flying to Brussels on Sunday afternoon to attend the FAC meeting, will exchange views with Dendias on the recent developments regarding the illegal activities of Turkey in the Republic of Cyprus EEZ, as well as about the efforts for the resumption of the negotiations on the Cyprus problem, as long as Turkey`s illegal actions are terminated.