EEZExclusive Economic Zone (aka Economic Exclusion Zone)
EEZEiropas Ekonomikas Zonas (Latvian: European Economic Area)
EEZEnhanced Enterprise Zone (Missouri)
EEZExtended Economic Zone (various nations)
EEZEuropska Ekonomska Zajednica (Croatian: European Economic Community)
EEZEconomic Empowerment Zone
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In recent decades, scientists have been discovering a myriad of minerals within the current bounds of the EEZ, including cobalt, chromium, manganese and platinum --strategically important minerals that the United States currently must import.
Joint venture fisheries are fisheries in which domestic fishing vessels deliver their catch directly to foreign processing vessels in the EEZ.
Japan and South Korea, during their talks, confirmed their 1996 bilateral agreement in which their nations' top leaders -- then Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto and South Korean President Kim Young Sam -- agreed to hold EEZ negotiations without linking their nations' claims of sovereignty over the islets, the official said.
The implication was that Anastasiades' official visit to Russia, made at a time when the West had tried to isolate President Putin over the Ukraine, was in retaliation to the US failure to censure Turkey for its incursions in the Cypriot EEZ.
Point 1 marked the southernmost coordinate, although a clause in the agreement allowed Lebanon to amend this point depending on any future EEZ agreement with Israel.
Komatsu said during his remarks at the outset of the meeting, ''We agreed to pursue EEZ talks independently from territorial claims over Takeshima at top-level talks in 1996 and to hold a meaningful negotiation in last month's foreign ministerial meeting.
The Navy, however, has worried that the high accuracy and fine detail of EEZ swath maps in general would enable foreign submarines to navigate without detection in U.
Cyprus Energy Minister stated earlier today, that Consortium ENI -- KOGAS continues its drilling in block 9 of Cyprus` EEZ in accordance with timetables set.
Under the agreement, Israel's EEZ boundary with Cyprus begins at point 1, 17 kilometers northeast of point 23, where Lebanon proposed its maritime border with Israel when delineating its EEZ with Cyprus in 2007.
Around the isles, South Korea's' EEZ overlaps the EEZ claimed by Japan.
At issue is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) EEZ mapping program, a 10-year plan to chart the bathymetry, or sea-bottom topography, of the entire U.
Several lines also covered the eastern portion of the EEZ bordering on the waters of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.