EF-2Elongation Factor 2
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The median STP value in T07 for significant (EF-2 or greater) tornado environments was near 2.5.
It is noteworthy that five EF-2 to EF-3 tornadoes within the morning QLCS produced damage path widths exceeding 1 km.
A broader range of tornado intensities (from EF-2 to EF-5) exhibited path widths exceeding 1 km.
(2005b), who found that EF-2 and stronger tornadoes are much less common within QLCSs relative to supercells.
In AL, 18 tornadoes were associated with MV2, 3 of which achieved EF-2 intensity, while the others were estimated at EF-0 to EF-1.
MV2 then produced a 48-km-long EF-2 tornado in Cullman County and then ramped up production of weaker tornadoes upon entering the more heterogeneous terrain of Marshall County.
4) The Limestone/Madison County supercell storm between the Smithville and Hackleburg storms produced an EF-2 tornado about 2 h after the time of this image.
Two additional EF-2 tornadoes spawned from the same supercell thunderstorm touched down in Worth County between 0520 and 0535 UTC (12:20 and 12:35 AM EST).