EF1Enhancer Factor 1
EF1Escherichia Coli F1-ATPase (Adenosine Triphosphatase; biochemistry)
EF1Erythroid Factor-1
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The MHF weight was found in between 194 [+ or -] 1.41 mg (EF1) and 228 [+ or -] 2.05 mg (EF8).
For the normalization of cDNA, the EF1 was used as a constitutive gene and was carried out in parallel with all the samples.
Raw data (cycle quantification) from quantitative real-time PCR analysis of each ER2, V9, and VTG mRNA expression was normalized using the average cycle quantification of housekeeping genes, 18S rRNA and EF1, corresponding to each sample.
Meteorologists classify an EF1 tornado as one capable of producing winds up to 110 mph, said Keli Cain, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.
The EF1 organization provides budget and contracting advisors to the ANDSF, who desire to develop and use cost estimating tools to better understand and control its costs.
XRD analysis (Table 1) indicated that compared to the PF OSA fractions (1A EF1, 1A CA), the CFB OSA (8[A.sub.mix], 8A EF1) contained more calcite (CaC[O.sub.3]) and less free lime (Ca[O.sub.free]).
Filters MDPP Logic utilization Convergence (Slice) generations MF 3.496 256 -- EF1 2.050 51 15732 EF2 3.693 96 10301 EF3 1.903 58 15667 TABLE III.
Endoscopically, 5 of the 16 LST-G lesions and 6 of the 16 LST-NG lesions were classified as eF1 (mild fibrosis).
Buyer must have low voltage licence (EF1) to operate this business.
EF1 Moderate 73 - 112 Roof surfaces peeled off, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned, moving autos pushed off the roads, garages may be destroyed.
The aerial survey contains a low bias for structures rated EFO and EF1 in the ground survey.