EF1aElongation Factor 1-Alpha
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Downie and Gullan (2004) assessed the phylogeny of the Pseudococcidae using DNA sequences of EF1a, 28S and 18S.
Comparison of the COI, COII and EF1a sequences of 22 populations of A.
The datasets for COI, COII and EF1a were combined based on the ILD test performed using PAUP.
Expected used size(bp) ef1a 5'-GGCTGACTGTGCTGTGCTGATTG-3' 28 382 5' -CTTGTCGGTGGGACGGCTACG-3' vegfa 5'-GAGAGCCAGCGACTCACCGCAACAC-3' 28 623 for [vegfa.
8S rRNA, ITS-Internal Transcribed Spacers, and EF1a (Elongation Factor) (Ji et al.