EF3Elongation Factor 3
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The two fatalities related to the May tornadoes occurred in a mobile home park hit by an EF3 tornado that touched down in eastern El Reno.
The National Weather Service assigned an EF3 rating on the enhanced Fujita scale to the tornado, meaning wind speeds reached 136 to 165 miles per hour--making it the strongest tornado to hit Orleans Parish since records began in 1950.
Epitope mapping indicated that mAb 3A8.1 reacted with a helical region in the EF3 domain ([S.sub.96]-[Y.sub.108]) and mAb 2B9.3 with a helical region in the EF2 domain ([F.sub.55]-[D.sub.73]).
Alpha index of the Egyptian samples varied from 1.56 [+ or -] 0.07 (EF5) to 3.91 [+ or -] 0.12 (EF3) with a mean value of 2.86 [+ or -] 0.10.
With a view to comparing the classification performance, five methods referred to as PAR4, PAR5, PAR6, EF8, and EF3 have been considered.
The National Weather Service said an EF3 tornado hit the south side of Kokomo, Indiana, packing winds of up to 165 mph.
Input and output variables used in the FLC design Fuzzy Variables Description Labels Input [r.sub.c] Negative high af1 Medium af3 Positive high af5 [r.sub.t] Negative high bf1 Medium bf3 Positive high bf5 [V.sub.c] Negative high cf1 Medium cf3 Positive high cf5 [V.sub.t] Negative high df1 Medium df3 Positive high df5 [[phi].sub.t] Negative high ef1 Medium ef3 Positive high ef5 [[phi].sub.t] Negative high ffl Medium ff3 Positive high ff5 Output [M.sub.z] Negative high nfl Medium nf3 Positive high nf5
EF3: Civilian governance of the ASI, including adherence to the rule of law (ROL)
The tornado that hit Coal City was categorized as an EF3 and damaged 884 buildings.
Structure and cross loadings IWE Psy.Cap IWE1 (0.489) 0.194 IWE2 (0.639) 0.434 IWE3 (0.701) 0.397 IWE4 (0.771) 0.589 IWE5 (0.903) 0.496 EF1 0.527 (0.564) EF2 0.321 (0.595) EF3 0.370 (0.753) HO1 0104 (0.253) HO2 0.292 (0.415) HO3 0.438 (0.682) RES1 0.098 (0.378) RES2 0.342 (0.807) RES3 0.655 (0.775) OP1 0.549 (0.807) OP2 0.545 (0.775) Table 4.
More than 500 structures suffered some damage from the EF3 category tornado packing winds of around 225 km per hour that hit Van, a city west of Dallas, on Sunday night, the officials told a news conference.
Officials confirmed that the tornado was an EF3, with winds from 135mph to 140mph, Mr Allen said.