EFABÉconomie, Finance, Assurance, Banque (French: Economics, Finance, Insurance, Banking)
EFABÉcole Française de l'Administration de Biens (French: French School of Property Management)
EFABEnvironmental Financial Advisory Board (US EPA)
EFABEducation Funding Advisory Board (Illinois)
EFABElectrochemical Fabrication (micro-device manufacturing technology)
EFABÉtablissement de Fabrication d'Armement de Bourges (French: Armament Manufacturing Establishment of Bourges; Bourges, France)
EFABElectrochemically Assisted Fast Atom Bombardment
EFABExtended Forward Avionics Bay (aviation)
EFABEconomic and Financial Analysis Branch (MMS Canada)
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EFAB Estate, a serene environment, located in the district has partially become a ghost town, most especially Road 105 part of the estate.
Alan Little - previously operations manager at eFab - is operations director for both eClad and eFab, and Iain McDonald is now eFab's technical director.
The EFAB process is ideal for developing a wide range of electrical devices such as relays, inductors, filters, transformers and connectors.
Chairman of the European Men's Health Forum (EMHF) and the EFAB, Professor Ian Banks (pictured), said: "The key consideration and the direct call to action from this report is that investing in earlier and more targeted interventions would lead to a healthier population and help alleviate the cost of blindness."
Une moyenne de 150 bebes sont places chaque annee dans des foyers par l'Association algerienne enfance et familles d'accueil benevole (EFAB).
Once a design has been reached, EFAB Access participants will submit their designs to MOSIS, which will prepare the wafer layout for Microfabrica.
MEMGen's EFAB technology enables unprecedented flexibility in 3-D design, allowing devices to be built with multiple layers of metal (tens to hundreds, if required).
new projects secured by eFab and eClad will also see the business undertake similar works for an oil and gas services facility in Angus, a business park in the east end of Glasgow, a high school in Moray, and a new school campus in Midlothian.
With EFAB, you can produce internal features that would be impossible using conventional machine tools.
One of the initiatives which Dr Little is referring to is ECOO's involvement in the European Forum Against Blindness (EFAB).
Aussi, le credo de l'Association Algerienne Enfance et Familles d'Accueil Benevoles (EFAB) est-il de recueillir ces bebes abandonnes et de les placer dans des foyers oE ils grandiront dans la tendresse, l'amour et notamment l'affection d'un pere et d'une mere.