EFACCEmergency Family Assistance Control Center (US DoD)
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LD] is the most important factor determining the performance, using such parameters for the standard MIPv6, FMIPv6 and EFACC.
From the figures, we can know that MIPv6, FMIPv6 handover latencies are substantially reduced when the existing address configuration and confirmation process is simplified by our proposed EFACC scheme.
The figure show that proposed EFACC is under little influence of such system deployment, because it remarkably reduces the address confirmation delay, [t.
On the other hand, the proposed EFACC is a solution of pessimistic approach for IPv6 address configuration.
To support our EFACC protocol, AR's authoritative address cache checks the uniqueness of a new care-of-addresses and allocates it into authoritative address cache using new lookup procedure.
There are the performance impacts on AR due to the support of EFACC protocol.
According to the EFACC monthly reports, 96 children have been reported killed in September as a result of child abuse, while there has been a significant decrease in sexual exploitation cases.
According to the EFACC report, non-governmental organisations have played the predominant role in following and documenting the updates on child rights, rather than the governmental sector.
The EFACC called on the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood to start functioning under the cabinet, to better coordinate the efforts of the governmental and non-governmental sectors to enhance the profile of child rights in Egypt.
The EFACC also said that the forensic report for Omar Salah, the 12 year-old sweet potato vendor had still not arrived to the prosecution.