EFADEnemies Foreign and Domestic (Matthew Bracken book)
EFADEssential Fatty Acid Deficiency
EFADEuropean Federation of the Association of Dietitians (est. 1978)
EFADEmergency Fire Appliance Driving (fire and rescue services; UK)
EFADEmerald Fulltext Archive Database (Emerald Group Publishing Limited)
EFADEuropean Film Agency Director (EU-states national film bodies consortium)
EFADElectronic Facilities & Airport Directory (Production Software; Cedar Park, TX)
EFADÉcole Fondamentale Adventiste de Diquini (French: Adventist University of Diquini; Diquini, Haiti)
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Moreover, plasma ETA concentrations, which were found to be almost 3-fold higher in the whole CF group compared with healthy controls (Tables 2 and 3), were much more increased in male than in female CF patients, suggestingmale-dependent EFAD in CF [0.
Clinical features of an EFAD are dryness and desquamation of the skin, coarse hair, brittle nails, impaired wound healing, and an increased susceptibility to infection.