EFAMAEuropean Fund and Asset Management Association (Brussels, Belgium)
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"For the moment, there is so much new regulation for fund managers to deal with as it is," says EFAMA's Syyrila.
Despite a recognition of the positive impact of broker crossing networks on execution performance, EFAMA, UK trade body the Investment Management Association (IMA) a whose members manage [pounds sterling]3 trillion of assets a and global investment group Fidelity agreed that broker crossing networks should be categorised under MiFID.
EFAMA called for CESR to be given greater regulatory powers to set standards for post-trade data publication.
According to EFAMA (2009), in Europe the net outflow of assets in 2008 accounted for only 4.4% of all assets.
The statistics are set out in EFAMA's regular quarterly statistical update, which says that positive growth is due to a 52 billion boost in money market funds coupled with a slowdown in investors pulling out of long-term assets.
On behalf of the European Funds and Asset Management Association (EFAMA), its director general Peter de Proft announced that after two years of trial participation, Cyprus will this year become a full member of the association and revealed that the association's conference next year will be held in Cyprus.
EFAMA www.efama.org said it reviewed Cyprus's adoption of UCITS IV and the AIFMD before allowing CIFA's participation.
The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) is still arguing the case for inclusion of alternative investments not to be limited merely to hedge funds and venture capital funds.
"Very often you have the idea that the industry is isolated but we see that most of the issues which are important to us [fund managers] are supported by the broad majority", said Stephan Matthias from the European Fund Management Association (EFAMA).