EFCLEdmonton Federation of Community Leagues (Alberta, Canada)
EFCLElegant Fashion Fiber Chemicals Ltd. (India)
EFCLÉvaluation des Fonctions Cognitives Linguistiques (French: Assessment of Cognitive Functions Language)
EFCLEducation Facilities Company Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
EFCLEducation Facilities Company Ltd. (Trinidad and Tobago)
EFCLEast Fishkill Community Library (New York)
EFCLEuropean Football Club Logos (blog; fansite)
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Indicador Unidade Plantio com muda alta Entrada "util" MJ [ha.sup.-1] 155.810,13 Saida "util" MJ [ha.sup.-1] 587.700,00 Produtividade cultural (PrC) MJ [ha.sup.-1] 0,19 Eficiencia cultural (EfC) 3,77 Energia cultural liquida (EfCL) MJ [ha.sup.-1] 431.889,87 Balanco energetico (BE) MJ [ha.sup.-1] 550.312,91 Eficiencia energetica (EfE) 4,17 Obs: PrC = quantidade de produto / "entradas" culturais; EfC = "saidas" uteis / "entradas" culturais; EfCL = "saidas" uteis - "entradas" culturais; BE [??] energias totais--[SIGMA] "entradas" de energia nao renovaveis; EfE [??] das energias totais / [SIGMA] das "entradas" de energias nao renovaveis
The EFCL also approved (but only after a protracted battle) Sunday sports in its facilities in order to serve the growing number of recreational activities.
What Kuban calls a "monumental milestone" in 1980 was a puff resolution by a city council committee "supporting the EFCL as the [leagues'] representative and coordinating body" (129) and, in 2004, it "received a tremendous vote of confidence from city council--receiving its own line item on the city budget" (194).