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EFCOEuropean Federation of Campingsite Organisations
EFCOEuropean Folk Culture Organisation
EFCOEpilepsy Foundation of Colorado (Denver, CO)
EFCOEvangelical Free Church of Oakland (Oakland, CA)
EFCOEconomy Forms Company
EFCOEspace Finance & Conseils (French: Space & Finance Advice)
EFCOEfficiency of Power Generation for Commercial Use with Oil
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The EFCO E-Wall Silicone Gasket System comes in 21 standard EFCO colors, but architects, contractors and engineers will specify custom shades.
Following are list of players that are currently profiled in the the report "Smucker's, Bakbel, Andros, Tiptree, Puratos, AGRANA, Kraft, CSM Bakery Solutions, Aldia, Eswong, Knott's Berry Farm, Frujo a.s., Schwartau, Darbo, lihaoshipin, SHANDONG DONGLAODA, Shen Yang Wen Shan, Cremica Food Industries, MALATYA EKMEK KATKI, EFCO & Dongguan Hongxing(Berry)"
The EFCO Gaming Software Support Package gives developers a patented, multi-layered security mechanism as well as a hardware intelligent assistant that is specifically designed for casinos strict security requirements.
Giving back: As a member of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO), Choozle set aside 1 percent of its founding equity to support Colorado nonprofits--thus upon a successful exit, Choozle will be in the position to allocate millions in philanthropic donations to local charities.
The second chainsaw-and-sensor combination consisted of an Efco 152 3.4-hp (2.53-kW), gasoline-powered saw with an 18-inch bar instrumented with three sensors: an STMicroelectronics LIS331HH accelerometer (three axes, 1 kHz, [+ or -] 24 g), an STMicroelectronics LY3100ALH gyroscope (one axis, 140 Hz, [+ or -] 1,0007s), and an InvenSense ISZ-500 gyroscope (one axis, 140 Hz, [+ or -] 5007s).
(NASDAQ: APOG) has agreed to acquire 100% of the stock of Missouri, US-based window manufacturing company Efco Corp.
But today, Efco's teams, which each are composed of about 15 non-management members, have been deemed illegal by the NLRB and ordered to disband.
According to Carl Swanson, director of Manufacturing Processes & Materials for NCMS, one NCMS member company, Erie Press Systems, a subsidiary of EFCO Inc, has played a champion role in the ductile-iron project and has been able to implement several recommendations resulting from the study, particularly in the manufacture of large hydraulic cylinders.
"When you have a good leader rather than just a department manager, people stay," said Ty Knox, ICCE, NACM Chairman Elect and director of credit and risk at EFCO Corp.
Some of the few players identified in the global Industrial Margarine market include ConAgra (US), Bunge (Germany), Puratos (Belgium), Associated British Foods (US), Fuji Oil (Japan), Richardson International (Italy), Royale Lacroix (Belgium), Aigremont (Belgium), Vandemoortele (Belgium), NMGK Group (Russia), EFCO Group (Russia), and Wilmar International (Singapore).