EFCQÉglises de Frères Chrétiens du Québec (French: Churches of Christian Brethen; Canada)
EFCQEuro Floorball Cup Qualification
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Signage: Lorenc+ Yoo Design Windows/Glass: EFCQ; Pilkington
Our model is specified as a flexible fixed-cost quadratic (EFCQ) function, with a dummy variable [F.sub.i] that assumes a value of 1 (0) for (non)positive amounts of the output [Y.sub.i]:
According to Carl Swanson, director of Manufacturing Processes & Materials for NCMS, one of its member companies, Erie Press Systems, a subsidiary of EFCQ Inc, has played a champion role in the ductile iron project and has implemented several recommendations from the study, particularly in the manufacture of large hydraulic cylinders.