EFCSEuropean Federation for Company Sport (est. 1962; Switzerland)
EFCSEmployees First, Customers Second (Vineet Nayar book)
EFCSElectronic Front Curtain Shutter (cameras)
EFCSÉcole de Formation aux Carrières de Santé (French: Training School for Health Careers: Morocco)
EFCSElectronic Flight Control System
EFCSÉcole de Formation aux Métiers de la Conduite et du Service (French: Trades Training School of Leadership and Service)
EFCSElectronic Fare Collection System (transport system; various locations)
EFCSEuropean Federation of Cytology Societies
EFCSEarth Fixed Coordinate System
EFCSElectronic Filmless Camera System
EFCSElectronic Fingerprint Capture Station
EFCSEmergency Flight Control System (aviation; mechanical backups to hydraulic systems)
EFCSElectric Flight Control System
EFCSExtended Faceted Classification Schema
EFCSElectric Fence Compliance Services (South Africa)
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Its remarkable characteristic is that the change of incident angle within the limited range from 6[degrees] to 53[degrees] scarcely has any impact on the symmetrical refractive angles due to the dual parallel EFCs with opposite curvatures at the same frequency.
Expected Family Contribution (EFC).9 The EFC is the amount of money a family is expected to contribute toward a student's college costs and is used to determine eligibility for federal and nonfederal financial aid programs.
But, because the lowest-income students' EFCs would be zero in any year, their financial need would rise by only the increase in their education expenses, says the report.
(18) While our stylized examples suggest that none of these families would have been eligible in 1995-96, the students who received grants that year had larger household sizes (5.1) and multiple children in college, which reduces their EFCs relative to the examples shown above.
The military have and are familiar with their own command structure, unlike the EFCs who would require additional supervision which, due to these ongoing incidents, is not available."
Each time, financial aid packages were reevaluated by hand to determine whether a reset at that particular level would benefit every student, from those with the highest household incomes to our zero expected family contribution (EFC) students.
'The E Mail oriented service by the proposed EFCs will prove to be a strong source of the quick police service to any of the needy Kashmiri expatriates during their visit to the motherland or despite in the country they were living in', Memon said.
The model consists of Entrepreneurial Framework Conditions (EFCs) that are measured based on harmonized surveys of experts in the field of entrepreneurship.
On the basis of the large number of EFCs (N = 37) that were extracted in this study and a lack of high cumulative Fourier power (<70%, including all EFCs; Pothin et al., 2006), the descriptive power of harmonics was explored with analyses of cross validation.
No one we've corresponded with can say exactly what the effects would be, but it's reasonable to assume there will be a potentially significant impact, ranging from declined VFR advisory services, to delayed clearance delivery or in-trail spacing restrictions and perhaps even--gasp!--real, no-kidding holds with racetrack patterns, EFCs and everything.
This paper proposes and tests a model of the supermarket industry in which supermarket firms invest in EFCs to improve service quality.