EFDDEurope of Freedom and Direct Democracy (political group)
EFDDÉcologie Fonctionnelle et Développement Durable (French: Functional Ecology and Sustainable Development)
EFDDExternal Floppy Disk Drive
EFDDÉcole de Football Dronne Double (French football club)
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A member of the EFDD group in European Parliament--together with UKIP--M5S champions environmental sustainability noninterventionist foreign policy, direct democracy, and internet access.
A spokesman for the parliament said the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) was dissolved on Thursday because it no longer met a criterion for group status that demands such a bloc have members from at least seven countries.
Grafico 2 Resultados Eleicoes Europeias 2014 EPF Group of the European People's Party 221 (Christian Democrats) 29.43% S&D Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists 191 and Democrats in the European Parliament 25.43% ECR European Conservatives and Reformists 70 9.32% ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 67 8.92% GUE/NGL European United Left/Nordic Green Left 52 6.92% Greens/EFA The Greens European Free Alliance 50 6.66% EFDD Europe of freedom and direct democracy Group 48 6.39% NI Non-attached Members--Members not belonging 52 to any political group 6.92% Fonte: European Parliament (2014).
Political Group Seats European People's Party 221 (EPP; center-right) Progressive Alliance of Socialists 191 and Democrats (S&D; center-left) European Conservatives and Reformists 70 (ECR; right-wing/euroskeptics) Alliance of Liberals and Democrats 67 for Europe (ALDE; centrist/liberals) European United Left/Nordic Green 52 Left (GUE-NGL; far-left/former communists) Greens/European Free Alliance 50 (Greens-EFA; greens/regionalists) Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy 48 (EFDD far-right/euroskeptics) Non-attached
In the past few years, a number of different techniques have been proposed to estimate the modal parameters of a structure such as the peak-picking method (PP) [7], the frequency response function (FRF) [8], the natural excitation technique (NexT) [9], the stochastic subspace identification method (SSI) [10, 11], the multivariate AR model [12], the autoregressive-moving average model (ARMA) [13], the eigensystem realization algorithm (ERA) [14], the enhanced frequency domain decomposition (EFDD) [15], and the McKelvey frequency domain subspace algorithm [14].
Application of frequency domain curve-fitting in the EFDD technique, in Proc.
Cette delegation, composee de la Francaise Patricia Lalonde du groupe ALDE, rapporteur de la Commission INTA pour les pays mediterraneens, de l'Italienne Tiziana Beghin du groupe EFDD, Shadow rapporteur pour la meme commission, de l'Allemande Heidi Hautala du groupe des Verts et vice-presidente du Parlement europeen, ainsi que de l'Anglais David Martin du groupe Social et Democrates, s'est rendue dans la ville de Dakhla ou elle a vu, constate et rencontre des responsables locaux, des elus, des acteurs associatifs, des militants des droits humains et de nombreux citoyens.
One of the Congress of the New Right MEPs, Robert Iwaszkiewicz, has joined the political group in the Parliament led by Nigel Farage, that group being Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD).
After the selection of the sources associated with modal responses, in this study the natural frequency of the ith mode is estimated by a linear regression on the zero-crossing times of the associated correlation function [R.sub.ss]([[tau].sub.k]), while damping ratio is calculated through the logarithmic decrement technique on the analogy with another well-established OMA technique, the enhanced frequency domain decomposition (EFDD) [27].