EFDRExtended Function Data Register (computer programming)
EFDREnfance et Famille des Deux Rives (French: Child and Family of Two Sides)
EFDREnduits Façades Décoration Rénovation (French renovation company)
EFDREnglish First Division Rugby
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So far, the players have been excluded from the EFDR, which makes the big decisions affecting the clubs.
"Tom Walkinshaw (EFDR chairman), Keith Barwell (Northampton chairman), Peter Wheeler (Leicester chief executive) and Howard Thomas (acting chief executive of EFDR) have been mandated to take this matter forward.
EFDR have made no statements about not allowing their players to turn out for England or that they are considering a breakaway.
* The event fault detection rate, represented by EFDR, indicates the ratio between the number of nodes that accurately identified a fault and the total number of faulty nodes.
The move follows a total breakdown in talks between EFDR - which will now be known as 'Premier Rugby' - and the Rugby Football Union.
Based on efficient fault detection and routing (EFDR) scheme is proposed by Bonerjee et al.
EFDR backed down on their threat to close Richmond yesterday, but remain committed to reducing the Premiership from 14 to 12 clubs next season.
The governing body have called a board meeting to discuss the festering issue today and RFU chairman Baister said last night: 'I hope to present an agreement to the management board that the RFU and the EFDR have shaken hands on.'
The RFU said that its chairman, Brian Baister, had no objection to meeting the EFDR group, but would need to discuss it with his management board colleagues.
EFDR chairman Tom Walkinshaw confirmed last night that Richmond's wish would be granted.
Cecil Duckworth, of Worcester, has stood his ground throughout the hostilities and the First Division (EFDR) are likely to hear more from him yet.
"It is delighted that progress has been made and that EFDR support the RFU playing and academy structure for the forthcoming season.