EFEOÉcole Française d'Extrême-Orient
EFEOEuropean Federation of Essential Oils (Hamburg, Germany)
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In 1961 he began working at the EFEO office on Monivong Boulevard under the famous epigraphist George CAdes, who at the time had no successor.
This strategy gave the impression that France wanted to maintain a substantial foreign influence over the site--in effect perpetuating the model that it obtained following Cambodia's formal independence in 1953, when Angkor remained under the direct management of a "foreign" entity, the EFEO.
The discussion topics will include: "The Reach Code: An Overview of EFEO and REACH Today, the Link between REACH and GHS, Decoding REACH 2018"--Eric Angelini, EFEO technical committee co-chair and VP-global regulatory affairs and product safety, Mane, France and Jens-Achim Protzen, EFEO technical committee co-chair and managing director, Paul Kaders GmbH, Germany; "Updating Criteria for RIFM Safety Assessments: How We Approach Naturals"--David K.
From the mid-1920s, the EFEO commenced a highly productive period of remote sensing and aerial exploration with the colonial armed forces (Goloubew 1936; Claeys 1951: 92-6), combined with field surveys and new mapping.
The editors, mostly scholars affiliated with the IFP, have edited their text based on several manuscripts belonging to the IFP and the Thiruvavaduthurai Adeenam; the former are available online through the "Catalogue and On-Line Digital Library of the Paper Manuscripts of the French Institute of Pondicherry," the Muktabodha Ind[degrees]logical Research Institute's collaborative project with the IFP and EFEO.
Two modernist Khmer monks, Chuon Nath and Huot That, for instance closely associated themselves with Louis Finot (1864-1935), Director of EFEO in Hanoi.
67-70; "En marge du Ramayana cambodgien," Bulletin de EFEO 38:2 (1938), pp.
SEATIDE was led by the EFEO, with Franciscus Verellen and then Yves Goudineau as Coordinator, and Elisabeth Lacroix as Project Manager.
18) See among others, Pierre Dupont, L'archeologie mone de Dvaravati (Paris: EFEO, 1959); George Coedes, 'Les Mons de Dvaravati', in Essays offered to G.
The seminar has brought together researchers of various nationalities, universities, and teaching and research institutions in France (CNRS, EHESS, EPHE sections 4 and 5, EFEO, INALCO).