EFEPÉcole de Formation des Éducateurs Préscolaires (French: Preschool Educators Training School; Mali)
EFEPÉglise Fraternité Évangélique de Pentecôte (French: Pentecostal Evangelical Brotherhood Church)
EFEPEasiest Fault Effect Propagation Path
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com), the only supplier of EFEP, says other tubing manufacturers are now developing products based on this concept.
Melt points of the various grades of EFEP range between 165[degrees]C and 195[degrees]C, making these materials easy to coextrude with many engineering resins, according to Daikin.
EFEP exhibits the same properties as FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene), but is readily bondable without the need for a secondary etching process.
Y The new EFEP materials include grades with melting points from 329 to 383 F.
For example, EFEP (perfluoronated ethylene-propylene copolymer) is a material we researched to see how it could be best utilized by our customers.
TFX OEM[R] is a worldwide leader in PTFE and FEP extrusion, composite and catheter tubing, catheter liners, etch-free EFEP co-extrusion, and spiral heat-shrink tubing.