EFFIElectronic Frontier Finland
EFFIEducational Foundation for the Fashion Industries (New York, New York)
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(OTC: EFFI) is a holding company whose core business focus is on sales of hardware and nutrients into the hydroponics and indoor growth markets.
"Alo"A gside the existing public infrastructure budget, there is more than enough funds to radically improve the energy effi ef ciency of two million lowincome homes by 2020 and end the suffer ffer ff ing caused by fuel poverty rty rt within 10 years."
EFFi Foods - short for Eco Friendly Foods Initiative[R] - collaborated with top dietitians and Cleveland Clinic wellness experts to create the healthiest snack bars without sacrificing great taste.
In the carefully constructed architectural and geographic symbolism of the opening scene, the novel traces the entire course of Effi Briest's development from childhood innocence to feminine desire and fantasy, adultery, punishment, and, finally, to death.
This will result in apps being loaded at a faster rate and the overall effi ciency of the device being strengthened.
Being a nurse, I used my critical thinking skills, as we teach our students, to organize my time and to accommodate Effi's need for care.
In Goldwyn again customized, 2007, exhibited alongside the shot from Effi Briest, Winterling shows the same logo in black and white, the beast conspicuously absent, the silver curlicues of its logo encircling only black space.
In 2005, the EFFI received 89 inquiries from 13 foreign FIUs, 25 percent fewer than in 2004.
Following Hoffmeister's suggestion that a comparison between individual novels would be fruitful, I shall compare Howells's Indian Summer (1886) and Fontane's Effi Briest (1895) in order to show a more differentiated relationship between their conceptions of realism.
Effi and Sarit Carmi that was made public this past weekend.
For instance, the Finnish government's recently published proposals for a new law on "liabilities in public communications" sparked a vocal lobbying campaign that saw a coalition of Finnish telecom and media companies find common cause with consumer groups like Electronic Frontier Finland (EFFI).
effi gets from her husband 1 washing machine, electr.