EFFISEuropean Forest Fire Information System (EU)
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EFFIS facilitates efficient integration of different fusion cedes running on multiple and non-local platforms, provides users with real-time dynamic tracking of the simulations progress through graphs and images on a dashboard, and already has been used on tens of thousands of processors in secure environments.
The Commission's DG Joint Research Centre, which manages EFFIS, produces regular forest fire risk forecasts and burnt area maps, starting early in the year.
Building upon scientific advances in COST E4, 39, 43, USEWOOD, FORSYS, ORCHESTRA; the networks ENFIN, EFFIS, SOSIN; the FP7 EUFODOS, S2BIOM, INTEGRAL, SIMWOOD, FIRE PARADOX the project DIABOLO aims to: i) strengthen the methodological framework towards more accurate, harmonised and timely forest information, e.
The ERCC uses national monitoring services and tools such as EFFIS (the European Forest Fire Information System) and satellite imagery to provide an overview of the situation in Europe.
This activity will include (a) development of action plans for integral forest fire monitoring and surveillance system installation adapted for specific Adriatic characteristic, based on analysis of existing systems, development of systematic procedures for identification of appropriate monitoring locations for terrestrial visible and IR video based forest fire monitoring and surveillance system installation, (b) integration of firefighters vehicles GPS tracking system in forest fire monitoring and surveillance system, as well as systems for forest fire risk and behaviour modeling and (c) burnt area mapping supported by tablet and GPS and related damage assessment supported by EFFIS Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA).