EFFRAEuropean Factories of the Future Research Association
EFFRAEnumclaw Forested Foothills Recreation Association (Washington)
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The steel bowl cradled a baby, carried the Easter fire, was rusted by Effra water and finally became golden on All Saints day.
25 million from a Securicor vehicle in Effra Road, Brixton, south London.
Drip by drip, the frozen water from local underground river, the Effra, melted into the steel bowl below, amplified drops resounding through the building.
She fled from upmarket Effra Road to her nearby home where she raised the alarm shortly after 12.
Contractor address : Unit 73 Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road
Sunday: Brixton Comedy Club, Effra Road, London SW2.
To involve high number of key stakeholders , the project has achieved the support of project coordinators of FoF projects, European Technology Platforms, EFFRA, European Business and Innovation and European Regions Research and Innovation Networks.