EFIMEuropean Federation of Internal Medicine
EFIMEnte Fiere Italiane Macchine (Italian: Italian Machinery Trade Fairs)
EFIMEnte Partecipazioni e Finanziamento Industria Manufatturiera (Italy)
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Efim, the old coachman, who was the only one the countess trusted to drive her, sat perched up high on the box and did not so much as glance round at what was going on behind him.
Today, therefore, I crept humbly to my seat and sat down in such a crouching posture that Efim Akimovitch (the most touchy man in the world) said to me sotto voce: "What on earth makes you sit like that, Makar Alexievitch?" Then he pulled such a grimace that everyone near us rocked with laughter at my expense.
Efim, "Synergism in corrosion protection system with inhibitors," Paper No: 0119, NACE International, USA, 2001.
En este sentido, aunque refiriendose a la lengua y literatura rusa, Efim Etkind ya advertia en su anteriormente mencionado celebre ensayo Un art en crise (1982) que la traduccion del texto poetico presenta toda una serie de exigencias especificas que hacen de esta actividad una de las mas arduas que, con toda probabilidad, se le pueda confiar a un traductor, aunque, todo sea dicho, nunca imposible.
He traces the struggles between the two most significant clans--the group around Genrikh Iagoda in the central OGPU apparatus, and the North Caucasus group around Efim Evdokimov, a noted advocate of mass punitive operations, for influence with the political leadership.
Tihanov is winner, with Evgeny Dobrenko, of the Efim Etkind Prize for Best Book on Russian Culture (2012), awarded for their co-edited A History of Russian Literary Theory and Criticism: The Soviet Age and Beyond (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011).
Efim Yakir shared his vision of further school education development in Kyrgyzstan.
In the original story, the main Jewish characters are Khaim-Abram Leibovich Magazanik and his wife Beila; Askol'dov gave them the more Russian-sounding names Efim and Maria.
The opening speeches were delivered by Mikhail Meyer, head of the Asian-African Studies Center at Moscow State University; Mustafa YeE-il, chairman of the GYV; Vice President of the Media Union (Mediasoyuz) Elena Zelinskaya; Russia-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Ildar Gilmutdinov and RGGU President Efim Pivovar.
The children's next tutor was the widow's relative, a marshal of provincial nobility, Efim Polenov.