EFLHDEastern Federal Lands Highway Division
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US-based civil and building construction company, Tutor Perini Corporation (NYSE:TPC) revealed on Thursday that its subsidiary Cherry Hill Construction won a design-build contract from the Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (EFLHD).
EFLHD already has used rock gluing as a practical solution for other projects and will continue to use the technique in the future.
EFLHD designed the bridges as cast-in-place, posttensioned, concrete box girder structures with the eastern abutment bearings fixed and the western abutment bearing areas allowing for expansion.
When truck traffic through the Cumberland Gap in kentucky, historic gateway to the west, began to create an unsafe situation, EFLHD looked for a suitable way to improve safety and also was as able to reroute traffic away from the landmarks.
In 1999, the department sought assistance from FHWA to complete the project, along with several others in the area, and EFLHD entered into a memorandum of agreement with DDOT.
"Rustic pavement represents one approach to satisfying a number of issues for our partner agencies," Lineman says, "including aesthetics, preservation of historic character, and lying gently on the land." EFLHD, which provides highway assistance to the U.S.
To award the contract, EFLHD chose a competitive, negotiated procurement process, in which the agency requests technical and price proposals from contractors.
Van Ness, the closest in physical location, attended the workshop and worked alongside representatives from the National Park Service, EFLHD, and the FHWA division office while Trimels and Murphy provided long-distance support when needed.
After a review of several options, EFLHD decided to install a 290-meter (950-foot)-long soil nail wall consisting of a 305-centimeter (12-inch)thick shotcrete wall with internal drainage and high-strength steel anchor bars drilled and grouted into rock for lateral support.
EFLHD is responsible for engineering safe and environmentally sensitive roadways and bridges on Federal lands from the States bordering both sides of the Mississippi River on east to the Atlantic Coast, plus the territories of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
Paul Schneider, John Seabrook, and myself, all with FHWA's Eastern Federal Lands High Division's (EFLHD) Location Branch, showed them a dozen different options--using different bridge colors and types.