EFMPExceptional Family Member Program
EFMPÉquipe de France Militaire de Parachutisme (French: France Team Military Parachuting)
EFMPEconomic and Financial Management Project (Uganda)
EFMPEducational and Facilities Master Plan (various schools)
EFMPEnlisted Force Management Plan
EFMPEthernet in the First Mile - Passive
EFMPEcosystem Fishery Management Plan (Pacific Fishery Management Council; Portland, OR)
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The EFMP serves two primary functions: a mandatory personnel function employing consideration of noted needs in assignments processes; and an optional family support function providing services to EFMP members.
The EFMP has a promising plan for increasing the number of people doing this sport in Egypt," added Touni, stressing that the ideal adult age for the modern pentathlete is between 22 and 28.
The EFMP is required for authorized family members who present a physical, emotional, developmental or educational disability or a condition that requires special medical, mental health or education services and reside with or are in the custody of a Sailor.
Although she felt isolated and depressed, she found that neither the new parent support programs nor the EFMP could provide helpful information or support.
He also stressed that the EFMP was working hard to expand this sport all over Egypt.
FRSAs, part of the commander's Family readiness team, provide administrative support to the commander, rear detachment commander, and volunteer Family Readiness Group leader," said Sharon Fields, the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command's EFMP program manager.
The EFMP initially targeted infants and toddlers with disabilities and centered around assignment coordination, but according to Granby, the program today is taking a more holistic approach by providing family support, incorporating all aspects of the healthcare system, the patient's needs and the service member's career.
Contributing factors that determine who is assigned where are current skills (primarily airborne and ranger), EFMPs, JDs, professional-development needs, and personal preferences.
EFMP is a mandatory program to enroll in when active duty military members have a family member with a special need.
Authorized Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System family members with a unique medical or educational need are identified during a routine healthcare visit to a medical treatment facility (MTF) or TRICARE health provider, through self-identification from the service member or family member or during an assignment suitability screening by an EFMP coordinator.
To date, more than 240 Navy families received respite care for their children with special needs enrolled in EFMP Categories 4 and 5.