EFMREpilepsy, Female Restricted, with Mental Retardation
EFMRÉcole Française de Marketing de Réseau (French: French School Network Marketing)
EFMRÉtudes Françaises Mises en Réseau (French: French Studies Housing Network)
EFMREvoked Facial Muscle Response (nerve research)
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For endophytic fungal isolate EFMR 28s rDNA sequencing was done and the sequence obtained was subjected to n-BLAST.
Many of them possessed the ability of producing cellulase and other hydrolytic enzymes while the isolates EBML and EFMR were found to possess antimicrobial activities.
Endophytic fungal isolates obtained from recalcitrant plant samples Fungal Source Colony color Colony color Isolate on surface at bottom EFLL Litchi leaves Light green Green EFLR Jackfruit bark Light green Green EFJB Jackfruit bark Brown Dark brown EFJS Jackfruit stem Light brown Dark brown EFML Mango leaves White Black at the centre and white on the periphery EFMR Mango roots Cottony white White EFMB Mango bark White White Fungal Tentative Isolate Identification EFLL Aspergillus nidulans EFLR Aspergillus nidulans EFJB Mycelia sterlia EFJS Mycelia sterlia EFML Fusarium oxysporum EFMR Mycelia sterlia EFMB Mycelia sterlia Table 2.