EFRSEuropean Federation of Radiographer Societies (est. 2006)
EFRSEdmonton Fire Rescue Services (Canada)
EFRSEl Dorado Fire and Rescue Service (Santa Fe, NM)
EFRSExamination Fee Remission Scheme (Hong Kong)
EFRSExpenditure-Based Fund Release System (India)
EFRSEigenfaces Face Recognition System (software)
EFRSElectronic Field Reporting System (software)
EFRSEmergency First Responder Services (UK)
EFRSElectronic Fleet Registration System
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One of these milestones is the need for training and education about EFRS, including changes to curricula by universities and colleges.
This is a useful option when other cumulative EFRS adjustments made at the transition date have effects on foreign assets and liabilities that are difficult to measure or where the detailed application of IFRS to foreign currency translation before the transition date would have differed from U.
EFRS does not prescribe a specific approach to measurement of uncertain tax positions, and the IASB has decided to move to a model with no recognition threshold for uncertainties and measurement using weighted average probability.