EFSBEnergy Facilities Siting Board
EFSBEggplant Fruit and Shoot Borer (insect)
EFSBEnterprise Federal Savings Bank
EFSBElmwood Federal Savings Bank (Pennsylvania)
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the cape wind matter, the interveners appealed an EFSB decision to
finding the plaintiffs failed to show the EFSB acted in any manner
show the EFSB acted inconsistently from the "Turners Falls
intervener claimed the EFSB abused its authority in not granting
1775, at [section] 69V(g)(1) (describing the list of considerations the EFSB must take into account when reviewing an application).
We've developed this unique fundraising program to give our kids and their schools a boost," EFSB President Barrett J.
Here's how the EFSB WebShares BookStore works: - The school must be on the participating schools list on the EFSB web site.
86) It claimed that since the Town has not exhausted all of its other possible remedies--because the EFSB has not yet issued the certificate--it does not have the option to sue.
151) Only compounding this fear is the fact that the Act would allow the EFSB to waive or relax existing wind energy standards.
217) Also if a town denies a permit because the project does not meet the standards, or a regional planning agency denies a permit based on comprehensive wind energy-siting standards that have been approved by the Department of Energy Resources, the EFSB cannot overrule them and grant the permit.
49) See Permitting Update, CAPE WIND, supra note 34 (discussing the process and decision of the EFSB to permit the transmission line).
org/62yTZdC2g (describing how the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the EFSB ruling).