EFSISEuropean Food Safety Inspection Service
EFSISEast Florida Shelf Information System (University of Miami)
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EFSIS is the premier third party independent inspection service, providing retailers, manufacturers and caterers, throughout the world, with expert inspection of their operations and suppliers to ensure only the highest standards are maintained.
Rob Gready, EFSIS agricultural director, said: 'This is an exciting new merger which will stand EFSIS-FABBL in good stead to face the wider challenges ahead in the changing UK assurance market.
Fabbl, which is a non-profit organisation, already has long-standing UKAS accreditation through Efsis for livestock assurance.
"This means that if importers of beef from the ROI are to avoid the accusation of operating double standards they must avoid beef produced by the 7,500 farms inspected by SWS since it began its work in September 2006 and concentrate on beef from the 5,000 farms that were inspected by EFSIS, which was EN45004 accredited, before its contract with Bord Bia ended last autumn.
According to the Managing Director of SAI Global's EFSIS Agri-food Division, Mr.
Siempre dentro el contexto de la higiene, asi como de la seguridad alimentaria y de la trazabilidad, cabe destacar que la empresa ha obtenido la certificacion de aprobacion de nivel superior del EFSIS (el European Food Safety Inspection Service), que certifica la calidad de produccion y de embalaje de sus productos congelados.
'EFSIS demands the highest standards and is the best proof that our products are sourced and manufactured in a safe environment.' Mr Murphy said this is 'more proof that we have some of Europe's finest food manufacturers in the Black Country'.
Miller says: "The new factory was a big step forward in that it gave us a production capability which will allow us to increase turnover five-fold, on a single EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Standard) site, approved by all the major multiples." The latest, most exciting development that the firm has made is a revolutionary new packaging system which, it is claimed, gives restaurant-quality food straight from the microwave.
The Higher Level EFSIS award was granted on the quality of the cream cakes and sandwiches produced at Aulds bakery and production centre at Inchinnan in Renfrewshire.
The news comes following SAI's recent acquisition of EFSIS, one of the largest European food assurance businesses.
Immer im Zusammenhang mit der Hygiene, aber auch der Lebensmittelsicherheit und der Ruckverfolgbarkeit, muss beachtet werden, dass das Unternehmen das hohe Genehmigungszertifikat von EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service) erhalten hat, welches die Produktions- und Verpackungsqualitat seiner Tiefkuhlprodukte beweist.