EFSPEmergency Food and Shelter Program
EFSPExploitation Forestière Saint Pierraisse (French logging)
EFSPEuropean Federation of Sales Promotion (est. 1980; now Promotional Marketing Council of Europe)
EFSPEnhanced Flight Screening Program
EFSPElectric Field Strength Prediction
EFSPElectronic Family Security Program
EFSPÉcole Football Saint-Pierre (French football school)
EFSPEmergency Food Stamp Program
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The a-tocopherol level in Longissimus lumborum meat of Podolica bulls fed EFS and EFSP were higher (Pless than 0.
The a-tocopherol contents observed in Ll of EFS and EFSP groups were comparable despite the different amount of feed consumed (7.
The meat malondialdehyde (MDA) values detected nine days after slaughter of group fed EFSP (0.
The vitamin E content of food inhibited lipid oxidation during the storage period; in fact at the end of the storage period the MDA-values of meat samples of SB-group were considerably higher than those noticed in groups EFS and EFSP respectively.
EFSP uses IDA funds to finance three kinds of emergency food security assistance:
F2011-FY2012 EFSP Breakdown (% of fiscal year program value from Table 4) FY2011 FY2012 Local/Regional Purchase 79% 44% Food Vouchers 9% 14% Cash Transfers 12% 42% Total 100% 100% Source: USAID Emergency Food Security Program Fact Sheets for FY2011 and for FY2012.
An electronic filing manager (EFM) bridges the gap between the EFSP and the CMS.
Each EFSP interfaces with the EFM, and the EFM interfaces with each CMS, as shown in Figure 2.
Courts will incur expenses to implement and operate any EFSP and EFM, whether developed in house or contracted through vendors; these costs must be offset somehow.
The third option--the imposition of additional fees on the filing user--allows the EFSP vendors to offer e-filing at no cost to the courts; the filers bear the financial burden.
4) It may involve one "invisible" vendor or multiple EFSPs, and it allows prosecutors and/or large law firms to install the EFSP component in their own offices, customizing it to integrate with both its internal case-management systems and the court's filing system automatically.
Attorneys establish accounts with one or more EFSPs and log in to the system directly to file court documents.