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EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
EFTAEuropean Family Therapy Association
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Area
EFTAEuropean Fair Trade Association
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Agreement
EFTAElectronic Funds Transfer Act
EFTAElectronic Funds Transfer Association
EFTAEuropean Futnet Association (sports)
EFTAEastern Fat Tire Association
EFTAEmerging Technologies and Factory Automation
EFTAEnglish Field Target Association (UK)
EFTAERADCOM Flight Test Activity
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The Singapore-EFTA pact was first proposed at an EFTA ministerial meeting in December 2000.
We have the authority under the EFTA to adopt additional disclosures but must weigh the value of additional consumer protection against the additional compliance costs that would be imposed.
EFTA was weakened by the British and Danish accession to the Community in 1973 and that of Portugal in 1986.
Third, looking at Switzerland alone, with 6.7 million people it represents some 20 percent of the total EFTA population.
"EFTA is also making negotiations with neighbouring country India in a bid to enhance trade relations with Asian countries," officials told.The EFTA has signed 29 FTAs with 40 counties outside Europe and the EFTA States have also signed a pact with European countries which covers four freedoms the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital throughout the 31 EEA states.
Rodolfo said the FTA could be an avenue for the country to reduce its trade deficits with Efta economies.
The FTA with EFTA is the Philippines second bilateral trade deal after the Philippines Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.
'Exporters and importers of goods originating in an EFTA state are nevertheless encouraged to try to obtain preferential treatment upon import into the Philippines by claiming such treatment and by providing the necessary documentation, also with a view to obtain possible reimbursement of unduly levied customs duties at a later stage,' the EFTA secretariat earlier said.
This included the FTA with the four member economies of Efta, namely, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; the FTA with the European Union, negotiations of which are ongoing, and the country's inclusion in the EU's generalized scheme of preferences (GSP), which allowed more than 6,200 products manufactured in the Philippines to be exported at zero duties to the 28-member bloc.
The Consultative Committee must remain a platform for addressing these types of challenges through dialogue and consultation between the EFTA social partners and the EFTA authorities.
EFTA hopes to start talks on a broad-based trade and investment agreement with New Delhia'in the coming months' and is watching the ongoing negotiation between the EU and the rising Asian giant carefully.