EFTIEnglish for the Tourism Industry (certification)
EFTIElectricity Forum Training Institute (Pickering, Ontario, Canada and Geneva, NY)
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EFTI noted that EFA plans to import the first shipment of biodiesel, scheduled to arrive this month, into the Port of Tampa.
Constructing the plant with two units allows for optimal maintenance and redundancy, EFTI stated in a release.
EFTI has accomplished something very significant in today's alternative fuels industry with the deal at Channahon.
Interested investors and the public can hear or download the EFTI interview currently by going to www.
EFTI chairman John Stanton stated, "All EFTI shareholders should be excited about UGE's participation in Channahon.
Shareholders or other interested persons can view the PowerPoint presentation EFTI made at the June 5th Small Cap Conference via the following link: www.
EFTI is one of 12 AMEX, NASDAQ and OTCBB companies invited to make presentations.
This invitation came after EFTI announced its plans for a 60MM gallon Bio-refinery in Channahon, Illinois.
EFTI selected a facility in the state of Illinois as its first Bio-refinery site because Illinois is the logistics center of seven Midwestern states that consume almost 90% of the biodiesel currently produced in the US and offers significant financial incentives for the production and sale of biodiesel in the state.
EFTI Chairman and CEO John Stanton explained why he believed SolarDiesel was selected as Coral Gables' partner in the pilot program.
Trading Symbol < < Number of Shares March 5, 2007 Value EFTI < < 120,000,000 $ 13,200,000 NNBP < < 20,000,000 1,800,000 USEI < < 20,000,000 1,700,000 USSE < < 225,000,000 47,250,000 SSTP < < 225,000,000 49,500,000 NCSH < < 36,000,000 24,120,000 < < $ 137,570,000
Stanton continued, "Many of our shareholders know that I have been President of Cast-Crete since 1987, and that my initial interest in EFTI was as a result of the potential for carbon-based building products developed from the byproducts of our technologies.