EFTIREmission Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
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En Snorri var pa felauss, pvi at modir hans hafdi eytt fjorum tigum hundrada, peim er hann tok eftir fodur sinn.
CHORUS: Yir the yin that ahm eftir. Yir the yin that ahm eftir, ooh, ooh, ooh, honey The yin that ahm eftir.
Aukin afengisneysla og tidni afengisahrifa medal islenskra unglinga eftir afnam banns vid solu a afengum bjor (Increased frequency and quantity of alcohol consumption among Icelandic youths after the repeal of beer).
They spoke a language which seemed like an adventure to me, and their struggle with the ocean was like no other struggle." In another reminiscence in "Ekki eftir ritualinu," we are told that the fisherman's boat "is not just a number in the registry of fishing vessels.
Perinskiold (born 1654, died 1720), manuscript Monumenta Sveo-Gothorum, iv (on both of which Jansson bases his reading and discussion): Holmste [n] let resa mer[ki eftir Tifrit gonu ok iftir] sik selfan 'Holmsten had the monument raised for/after his wife Tidhridh and for/after himself.'
Syslu-og soknarlysingar Hins islenzka bokmenntafelagss 1839-1843 og lysing Olfushrepps anno 1703 eftir Halfdan Jonsson.