EFTNElectronic Fund Transfer Network
EFTNEnsemble Free Theater Norway
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Of the more than 1,500 collected questionnaires, only 1,272 could be validated (575 for EFTN and 697 for E.ON).
The regional electricity supplier (EFTN) is the only one offering customers, to a certain extent, the opportunity to pay the monthly bill within its own customer relation centers.
While E.ON allows customers to pay their bills through its web page, EFTN only allows customers to view its content (amount to be paid).
While the effect of this element on satisfaction is not significant in the case of the gas supplier, the measures taken by EFTN in this regard reveal a significant, but inversely proportional effect.
Here, [[??].sub.t] is the EFTN of a compensation unit, which consists of a compensation capacitor C and two track lines of length [l.sub.T]/2, which is half the distance between adjacent compensation capacitors.
If [k.sub.1] is the number of complete compensation units in the track lines from o to [x.sub.1], then [[??].sub.y]([x.sub.1], [k.sub.1][l.sub.T]/2) is the EFTN of the remaining part (which cannot constitute a complete compensation unit) of the track lines from o to [x.sub.1], except for the [k.sub.1] complete compensation units.
where [[??].sub.g11](x - [x.sub.1]) and [[??].sub.g12](x - [x.sub.1]) are the characteristic parameters of [[??].sub.g](x - [x.sub.1]), which is the EFTN of the track lines from [x.sub.1] to x and satisfies
[R.sub.f] is the equivalent shunt resistance of the train, [[??].sub.c] and [[??].sub.e] are the equivalent four-terminal networks (EFTNs) of the transmitting cable and transmitting electronic tuning units, respectively.