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EFTPEncrypted File Transfer Protocol
EFTPElectronic Federal Tax Payment (US Department of the Treasury)
EFTPEthernet File Transfer Protocol
EFTPEuropean Federation of Tall People (Netherlands)
EFTPEquivalent Full-Time Person/People/Placement (human resources)
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b) Enverdecer la EFTP permite la transicion desde patrones de produccion, servicios y consumo energetico hacia una produccion verde.
c) La EFTP "verde" surge con perfil interdisciplinario, basico para el desarrollo sostenible, apoyando la idea de una "economia y sociedad ecologica"
The EFTP has the vocation of giving a new impetus to the current situation, bringing together a major critical mass of resources and capacities ready to be mobilised to convert Europe's fisheries sector into a more competitive and sustainable sector.