EFTREdwards Flight Test Range (California, USA)
EFTREnergy Futures Trading Research
EFTREngineering Flight Test Requirements
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Standard ESD and EFTR techniques were mentioned previously;[1],[2] endoscopic carbon dioxide insufflation was used during the procedure.
Types 3 and 4 are commonly resected by other techniques such as EFTR and more advanced methods of endoscopic and laparoscopic combination techniques, such as LECS, NEWS, and CLEAN-NET.
Suzuki and Ikeda [43] were the first to develop an EFTR technique.
The contracts were received by Sanda Projekt Maleri AB, Maleritradition i Orebro AB, Forsbergs Maleri i Orebro AB, Willens Maleri AB, Krafft Maleri AB, Kumlins Maleri AB and R Nystroms Maleri Eftr Holmqvist & Co HB.