EFTUEngineering and Fastener Trade Union (Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK)
EFTUEuropean Federation of Trade Unions
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Workers, however, are pledging to stay in the EFTU building until a solution is reached.
These and other charges led real estate tax authority workers one year ago to form the Union of Real Estate Tax Authority Employees (URETAE), Egypt's first independent union since the formation of EFTU in the mid-1950s.
EFTU has responded to the founding of Union of Real Estate Tax Authority Employees (URETAE) with a media campaign attempting to discredit the union and criminal charges raised against Abu Eita himself.
Article 73 concerns members of EFTU executive boards.
URETAE was established on the basis of international treaties ratified by Egypt: it isn't a part of EFTU and cannot therefore be the subject of a legal provision concerning EFTU members.
The report notes serious violations during the last EFTU elections in 2006 when workers' attempts to withdraw confidence from their unions were ignored.
When the government used to use violence against strikes as happened in the 1980s and 1990s C* EFTU and general unions used to condemn striking workers.
These situations occur because EFTU has really started to become aware of its own alienation, not only from labor leaders but in Egyptian society as a whole.
EFTU and its controversial president Hussein El-Megawar have made concerted attempts to discredit URETAE and persuade the Ministry of Manpower not to deal with it.
EFTU could challenge URETAE's formation but to do so would be a huge public relations blunder and would make EFTU look really bad; URETAE has large numbers of members and has established itself," Mohamadein explained.
Egyptian Law 35 issued in 1976 meanwhile states that workers have the right to form a trade union body, but within the framework of the EFTU.
Workers Monday rejected an offer made during three-hour negotiations with Hussein El-Meghawer in the EFTU headquarters.